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Robert Papineau’s Pippin’ Puppets –

lively, interactive, Puppet shows for over 36 years.


Join us at the Riverview Public Library for a highly entertaining puppet show that will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Fun for everyone!

July 20
11:00 am

~ Registration for Pippin’ Puppets begins July 17.


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“A good story has much more than entertainment,” Papineau says. “It’s a lesson in life. The underlying issue, say, of self-reliance, compassion, or fair play, makes a tale real, exciting, and valid. It intrigues us, then teaches us.”

Papineau has created original stories and characters for 30-odd years, bringing children both imagination and wisdom. These puppet shows are both fun and a learning experience.

Source:  Tri-County Times Newspaper: Fenton, Linden and Holly MI News Source (August 30, 2004)



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